Inspired Interactive Programs

  • Times Square Marquee


    Opened May 2012 in the Discovery Building at Times Square. Scheduled to go on tour in 2013. Stay tuned for locations.

  • Intelligence Timeline

    Intelligence Timeline…

    The most significant moments in US intelligence dating from the 1940's to present day. Visitors spin the timeline, touch a year, and all the significant dates appear. Visitors see actual photographs and videos of the event.

  • The Oval Office

    The Oval Office

    Sitting in front of a replica of the oval office, visitors can thumb through the virtual pages of actual Presidential Daily Briefings.

  • Seeing in the Dark

    Seeing in the Dark

    By manipulating four cameras visitors discover the difference between Night Vision and Thermal Imaging. Includes actual night and thermal images.

  • Codes, Ciphers, and Cyber Espionage

    Codes, Ciphers, and Cyber Espionage

    Visitors race to stop a cyber-attack that threatens the launch of a spy satellite. Defending four quadrants the visitors learn the general rules of making a strong password.

  • Creating a Disguise & Escape and Evasion

    Creating a Disguise & Escape and Evasion

    Visitors look into the camera and take their own picture. Then they open drawers full of disguises. When they are done their image is captured, pasted to a spy passport where they can email it to a friend.

  • Voice Changer

    Voice Changer

    No disguise is complete if they can still recognize your voice. To complete the disguise change the background ambience so they will never know where you are.

  • Spies in their Own Words

    Spies in their Own Words

    Becoming a Spy, Science and Technology, Myth vs Reality, The Future, and Trade Secrets are just a few of the Ghost Stories told by real spies. Includes videos of actual FBI sting operations.

  • The Mercenaries

    Voice Stress Analysis

    More than a lie detector, the voice can give you clues about the true meaning behind a spies words.